Looking for Perfect LOVE…

As a PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) we all know that It’s hard to find a person to accept and love us. We tend to find someone who could help us boost our confidence to live and survived in the cruelty of our virus.  We dreamt that one day someone will gonna make us secure and happy. It’ll gonna wipe all our tears and let us feel the essence of being alive again. Every one on the group disclosed or not- “hope to love and be love.”

Our journey takes us to the next level of thinking “Positivity”. It’s a battle to make your self stay focus on things, job, adventure and happiness. To sustain that agility to make things well. To encourage those on the group who thought things won’t work for them, now that they have  HIV/AIDS. It’s always been this way. Optimism is really a plus factor. Seeing just a single pimple on our face can lead us to worry this might be wrong. It might be a sign  our CD4 is plummeting down. See everything is imperfect! But we are trying to sew it back and believe that it’ll be soon..

I felt so happy this days, I just got my result from a previous screening for CD4- and  I thank God cause I got the average score of 513 CD4 count. I was so lucky enough. My faith and prayer have been paid. I thanked God a lot for this miracle and His guidance everytime I fell down. He is there to makes me secure.

I am praying that one day soon, We will never find ourselves  looking and longing for the human affection, personally I am. That one day all of my fear of being alone will just fade like a morning mist.I am now working as a Telemarketer in one of the company here in the city of Durian. I also work as a “peer Educator” to promote awareness against HIV/AIDS.  Hope things will going to work so well.

Bless the reading of this post.

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